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Megan P.

Not being a big fan of gyms, I came across these resistance bands and I can tell you that they’re perfect for working out at home. I get sore after every session!

Mia S.

This short is very effective. I sweat a lot more than I would in a normal session. I didn't expect such results!

Lola H.

I ordered these bands as they were recommended by my sports therapist, they have helped my lower back pain as I strengthen my glutes. I recommend!

Jade M.

Very impressed with this short! It’s of very good quality and the results come very quickly. So, if you have any doubts, you can go for it!

Charlie T.

Delighted with this kit as the foam handles make all the difference compared to previous ones I've tried. So comfortable to hold with indent for my thumbs and great quality.


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